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Use One Tool to Track All Teams – Bizom Power2People

Bizom Power2People

What is it like to have powers in your hand, especially during times of intermittent lockdowns? A power that can help you manage small but tedious tasks like tracking attendance, leaves, reimbursement & claims of your staff. 

Workforce for any business, especially FMCG, is the lifeblood. With Covid turning the whole supply chain topsy turvy, it is imperative to have a much more efficient system in place that meets all your needs when it comes to staff management.

Due to intermittent lockdowns, the brands are not only struggling to retrieve their lost market share but also to bring their workforce back on the street. So a solution that can help you monitor your team’s productivity by managing and tracking their leaves and workdays, processing faster claims and reimbursement, measuring KPIs, and getting real-time reporting insights is the need of the hour.

To make all of this simple, Bizom’s Power2People is a one-stop solution. 

Bizom P2P is an all-in-all staff management solution for attendance management, leave management, claim management etc. Using this solution, managers can stay connected with their field force from any location and ensure that productivity is not hampered.

The solution helps consumer brands harness the power of data to get real-time insights at your fingerprints for faster & smarter decision making, planning, and forecasting.

Find out more about the benefits of Bizom’s Power2People through a free virtual demo. Mail us at to connect with our team.

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