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  1. Posted February 2, 2011 at 9:54 am | Permalink


    We read an article written by you on SMS potentially being the killer delivery mechanism for content delivery. We wanted to introduce you to our SMS Browser, Shorthand Mobile.

    Shorthand gives mass-market mobile users access to internet content without paying for data. Shorthand’s powerful mobile app-platform leverages SMS to offer rich, graphical and interactive access to a wide range of branded content, including, social networking, sports, information, local search, entertainment, retail, banking, ticket purchases and more. Because Shorthand utilizes SMS its addressable market is the vast majority of the 5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide rather than the minority of subscribers who access GPRS data for information and services. Simple iPod-like menus offer fast, intuitive and cost-effective access to popular and valuable content without the need to memorize short codes or to remember and key-in obscure keywords, empowering subscribers using the communication channels they are most familiar with (voice and text) and already pay for.

    We are a US based corporation and the application is launched in the US, India and Brazil. In India we are working with many content partners , launched on several App stores, and also looking to get preloaded on a few handsets.

    I’d like to set up a time to talk and also provide an intro to Shorthand in more detail. Please do provide your contact details.

    Raj Oswal
    Director, Business Development, India
    M: 8826844834

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    We are IT services company based in Saudi Arabia. We would be interested to offer similar services in KSA and like to partner with your company. I appreciate if you could connect me to right person who is responsible for partnership.

    Best regards

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