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Mobile developer economics

If you have not already done so, I would strongly recommend you to read up Andreas’s blog about Mobile developer economics here. When Andreas says developers, he doesn’t just mean the individual developers but the whole Mobile app publishing industry. Most interesting bit he notes is that Mobile developers are choosing platforms based on Monetization […]

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SMS based apps, killer content delivery mechanism ?

What’s great with SMS as medium? It’s one medium that can reach all the mobile users without any issues of handset compatibilities and so on It’s a push mechanism by definition It’s offline (lesser spammy than a voice call) It’s extremely cheap (at least in India) What’s not so great? It’s very difficult to make […]

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Is there a business model for a downloadable app

Every now and then people talk to me about converting their kickass idea into a downloadable mobile application. The reasoning goes that “Everyone is going  to use it”.  Well here is some light on the actual data from app stores so far. I have taken some reference data from, readwriteweb and pinch media. As […]

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