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Wanna be an entrepreneur, learn football

This post is on a lighter note .. Today morning, during a casual chat with Kesava, we said sales is like “center forward” you may not be the best footballer in the team but you know how to be at right place at right time. And that’s when it clicked. Most of the good product […]

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Will iPhone 4.0 solve the pain of developers ?

When iPhone opened it’s SDK for developers 2 years back, we were very optimistic about the possibilities. The ecstatic response to the ‘app-store’ proved that iPhone had a great market and app-store was the best way to reach iPhone users. But still the SDK itself missed a lot of key features any decent SDK should […]

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Android in India , hype or opportunity

When you say Android phones and India in the same sentence ,  you will here lot of pessimistic rants about how small is the market and how there are not enough phones. But while looking closer at it, to me it looks like a huge potential opportunity in a years time. Here is why I […]

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6 things to know for a Mobile apps developer

With new smartphone operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Maemo ,Palm WebOs and the legacy ones such as Symbian , Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Mobile application development is a booming industry. As someone just starting in Mobile application development, it could be confusing as to where to start. So here is a list of at least […]

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