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Want to build a successfull startup? Go for Minimal/no funding.

These are great days to be at Mobisy. Today, I was reviewing our financial performance for year 2017-18. I realised we maintained our 3x year on year growth. But most eye popping realisation was the fact that Bizom has more revenue than Grofers, UrbanClap and Snapbizz…. combined (all similar age businesses as Bizom) ! We […]

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Citius, Altius, Fortius

In many ways, 2016 was a watershed year in history of Mobisy as well as for me as a person. We got a belief in ourselves that we can build and sell SaaS products in India scaleably and profitably. Our customers showed great faith in us by giving us references in abundance. This reinforced our […]

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A sureshot formula to build a successful startup in India

Lots of people will tell you that building a successful startup is hard, and more importantly, that there is lot of uncertainty. We at Distiman are a team of successful entrepreneurs. We devised a formula which will make you successful 100%. Sharing our know-how with larger community so we can build millions of successful startups […]

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The accelerator with a Difference !!

If you know me, you know how much deep rooted suspicions I have with accelerators in general. I used to associate Microsoft Accelerator with Bizspark and free Azure credits. On top of that this was Microsoft .. (Even my laptop has Ubuntu .. should I say more?). Even with this deep rooted bias, Microsoft Accelerator […]

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Mobile Apps are the new Web and appstores the new Browsers?

This is a slightly modified reproduction of my article published in IAMAI magazine called ‘thinking aloud’ In 2010 alone 155 million mobile handsets were sold in India and according to IDC 6 million of them were smartphones. Getjar reports 3 million app downloads per day and Nokia ovi reports 3.5 million app downloads per day. […]

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Enterprise Mobility .. it’s awesomely cool

I was surprised  when Ashish called Enterprise Software “boring” in this post. I don’t know much about other enterprise sectors but Enterprise Mobility is anything but “boring”. Following are some basic fundamentals: If you are in India and you want to start something on your own you simply cannot ignore Mobile. It’s the only connected […]

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Hiring for startup? How to attract “Crazy geeks”.

Let’s assume that you figured out the business, and core team challenges of a startup. The next in line is scaling up and one of the biggest challenges in scaling up is hiring. As a startup you have basic 3 thumb rules while hiring 1. You need the best possible talent 2. You can’t pay […]

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The Art of debugging

An average developer is someone, who can write code, once explained what to do and how to do it. A good developer is someone, who can implement something, once told what to do (he can figure out the how part) An awesome developer given business goals,  can also figure out what to do. But a great developer […]

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Browser is the new OS even for Mobile phones

At Mobisy we always believed that the future of Mobile computing is in the cloud. And Browsers are the doorways to access the rich information available over Internet. But on the other hand, mobile device native applications provide much richer functionality that browsers cannot match. Our platform mobitop was born, exactly to solve that problem. We […]

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Wanna be an entrepreneur, learn football

This post is on a lighter note .. Today morning, during a casual chat with Kesava, we said sales is like “center forward” you may not be the best footballer in the team but you know how to be at right place at right time. And that’s when it clicked. Most of the good product […]

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